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Gigant Pro 10° shower tray

Gigant Pro 10° Shower Tray

Comfortable flat tray of cast marble designed for rectangular shower enclosures. Suitable for placing on the floor or for embedding, thus supporting wheelchair accessible solutions in your bathroom.

Series Galaxy Pro 10°

Cast marble flat shower trays designed for combining with the 10° bathroom concept in particular. The rotation of internal surfaces by 10° provides them with new storage space for cosmetics.

Galaxy Pro 10° Shower Trays

Design Harmony

The model series of shower trays Galaxy Pro 10° builds on the main theme of the 10° concept for the entire bathroom. It includes a unique asymmetrical shower tray designed specifically for the 10° rectangular asymmetrical shower enclosure, as well as square or rectangular trays that utilise the principle of rotation by 10° to create new storage spaces outside the stepping zone.

Galaxy Pro 10° Shower Trays

Low Profile

Galaxy Pro shower trays promote the removal of barriers from the bathroom. Their flat bottom with very low edge makes it easier to embed the trays or lay them directly onto the floor, thus making the floor area look seamless and aesthetically and functionally unified.

Galaxy Pro 10° Shower Trays


Cast marble is created from a mixture of ground dolomite and resin. This lends the trays exceptional durability. They are resilient and non-porous, and thus resistant to bacteria or mould. Compared to other materials, cast marble also has a warmer feel to the touch, making contact with cast marble trays much more pleasant.

Technical details

  • dimensions: 80x100, 90x120 cm, L/R
  • material: composite - cast mixture of dolomite and resin
  • shower tray: for embedding in the floor (wheelchair accessible solution), or installing onto the floor
  • shower tray + BASE: for walling and tiling
  • shower tray + BASE + SET: with frontal covering panel
  • tray depth: 1.5 cm
  • assembly height: 3.8 cm
  • waste trap diameter: 9 cm
  • warranty: 5 years

Shower tray Gigant Pro 10° is suitable for shower enclosures 10RV2K+10RV2K, 10DP2(+10PS), 10DP4(+10PS), SRV2-S+SRV2-S, ASDP3+APSS, SDZ3+PSS, SDOP+PSS, BLRV2K+BLRV2K, BLDP2+BLPS, BLDP4+BLPS, PDOP2+PPS, CRV1+CRV1, CRV2+CRV2, CRV2+CPS, SMSD2+SMPS, BSDPS and for shower areas using shower doors ASDP3, SDZ3, SDOP, BLDP2, BLDP4, PDOP1, PDOP2, 10DP2, 10DP4, CSD1, CSD2, CSDL2, SMSD2, BSD2, BSD3. The shower tray offers new practical storage space for bathroom cosmetics. You can also supplement the shower tray by purchasing tray waste trap, (support) legs, accessories for installation.

5-year WarrantyConceptsShower Tray Depth 15 mmMounting height 32/38 mmWaste Trap Diameter: 90 mm
Gigant Pro 10° shower tray

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
XA05A40101L 1000 x 800 Tray GIGANT PRO 100x80 L 10° white
XA05A40101P Tray GIGANT PRO 100x80 R 10° white
XA05G70101L 1200 x 900 Tray GIGANT PRO 120x90 L 10° white
XA05G70101P Tray GIGANT PRO 120x90 R 10° white
XA83AL01010 Frontal panel GIGANT PRO 100x80SET L white
XA83AP01010 Frontal panel GIGANT PRO 100x80 SET R white
XA83GL71010 Frontal panel GIGANT PRO 120x90 SET L white
XA83GP71010 Frontal panel GIGANT PRO 120x90 SET R white
A000000004 Universal mounting kit for shower trays