Frequently Asked Questions


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When installing a shower enclosure, where do I apply the silicone sealant?
With a shower enclosure or shower screen, always apply the sealant from the outside of the product according to the installation instructions. This allows the water to run off the profiles and back into the shower tray.

How do I tell which side of the glass panel has the AntiCalc protective layer on?
Make a 2 cm line on the glass with a marker. The line on the glass panel that is not treated by AntiCalc® stays unaffected. Glass treated by the AntiCalc® technology will change the line into small dots.

Can I install a shower enclosure without a shower tray?
All RAVAK shower enclosures can be installed without a shower tray and mounted directly on the floor with a built-in drain. Find inspiration in the shower trays and drains section.

I need some sturdy shower enclosures for a family Bed&Breakfast business. What would you recommend?
We would definitely recommend a shower enclosure from the Supernova range. They are extremely reliable. The fully framed structure is resistant to careless treatment, and suitable therefore not only for households but also for busy public areas (such as hospitals, hotels or hostels). The AntiBlock mechanism prevents the sliding parts from crossing or being jammed. Its service life has been tested by opening one million times and the AntiBlock technical solution is guaranteed for 10 years. Supernova products are quick and easy to install, and they fit everywhere.

What is the maximum load for Ovo seats?
Don't worry. Ovo seats can bear up to 150 kg. You simply need to make sure they are safely installed, taking the construction material of the wall into account. For example, a gypsum board must be reinforced so that it can withstand the 150 kg load. A silicate foam wall will require chemical anchors or bolts through the wall. Traditional brick walls do not require any adjustments.

What kind of glue do you recommend for shower trays?
We recommend gluing all our self-supporting shower trays, including the Galaxy Pro range, to finished floor and wall tiles using RAVAK Professional sanitary silicone, which is also a part of the universal mounting kit.

Is there a special lubricant to use on the shower enclosure slider system?
Virtually any grease can be used for sliders or hinges. The optimum product to use is the special RAVAK Professional resistant grease. It is indissoluble in water, translucent and does not turn yellow on exposure to sunlight.

What is the correct way of installing a laminate-reinforced (LA) shower tray?
LA shower trays reinforced with laminate can be installed in any way you choose – sunk in the floor, or underpinned and tiled; however, the easiest way is to install it on a set of support legs and use a front covering panel.


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What is the correct way to install an acrylic bathtub?
Install the bathtub in a fully finished bathroom with finished wall and floor tiling. It must be fitted in accordance with the installation instructions. You must also use an original support (support legs) or an appropriate polystyrene support made by RAVAK.

I have installed the Rosa bathtub screen on my bathtub, but some water still escapes. Does the screen work properly?
Yes, it does. Although the screen does prevent water splashing, it is not designed to be 100% leak-proof, otherwise it would not be possible to fold it against the wall. Therefore, it is possible that a little water may leak through the gap between the bathtub and the screen.

Is it possible to repair damaged acrylic on a bathtub or shower tray?
If the damage is shallow (up to about 0.5 mm), it can be repaired by sanding and polishing using sandpaper and polishing paste. If it is more serious, it can be difficult to repair an acrylic surface can be difficult and damage is often irreparable.

Can I buy and install a handle on my bathtub after it has been already installed?
We have not forgotten this possibility and we recommend you buy the universal stainless steel handle for external installation. Our tip – this handle can not only be used for a bathtub, but it may be mounted on a wall as well using wall plugs (thread M8) .

Can the Avocado bathtub be fitted with a bathtub screen?
The Avocado bathtub is designed for people who do not want to give up bathing despite having a small bathroom. For that reason, there is no fitted bathtub screen to go with it. Instead of Avocado, we recommend the space-saving BeHappy concept with a bathtub, washbasin and bathtub screen or Rosa 95 bathtub with a bathtub screen in the dimensions of 150 x 95 cm, which enables both comfortable bathing and showering. Moreover, the Rosa 95 bathtub can be complemented by a headrest, one of the Rosa washbasins and Rosa water taps, to create a coordinated bathroom look.

What type of detergent can I use to clean my bathtub as the abrasive creams are not recommended?
To clean acrylic bathtubs, we recommend using RAVAK cleaning detergents that have been developed especially for modern materials, such as acrylic. Common detergents often contain abrasives or chlorine and other chemicals that would damage the acrylic surface. RAVAK detergents wipe off the grime and sediments without harming the shiny bathtub surface. RAVAK Cleaner spray is the one intended for bathtubs.


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Where can I buy spare parts for your products?
Spare parts for RAVAK products can be purchased from RAVAK retailers. You will find a list of retailers here.

Is it possible to do some additional drilling or cutting into the cast material products?
We recommend cutting products made of cast material with a water jet cutter. At home, you could use a hacksaw for example, but proceed with maximum caution.

Is it possible to have your products installed by your technicians?
Yes, it is. The order form can be found in the Service and Complaints section. Filling it in is easy, and once you have submitted the form we will contact you with more detailed information.

How long does it take to manufacture a non-standard product?
The maximum time required for manufacturing a non-standard product is six weeks from the order date. To arrange a viewing of non-standard products in your home, please contact us using the form in the Service and Complaints section. Our configurator for custom-made solutions will give you detailed information on prices and delivery times.

What is the warranty on RAVAK acrylic bathtubs?
Due to the high quality of our bathtubs, we can offer an extended 10-year warranty. However, this applies only if the bathtub has been installed in accordance with the installation instructions and if all the components used (support legs for under the bathtub – original base) were made by RAVAK.