Frequently asked questions

How do I know which bathtubs the lifetime warranty applies to?

It's simple, the lifetime warranty applies to all RAVAK bathtub models.

Lifetime warranty - does it relate to the life of the bathtub or mine?

The lifetime warranty is tied to the life of the first owner of the bathtub.

I'm considering buying a bathtub next year, will the lifetime warranty apply to me?

No. Be sure to get your bathtub by the end of this year. We provide a lifetime warranty for bathtubs purchased and paid for by December 31, 2023.

What are the conditions for claiming the lifetime warranty?

The conditions for obtaining a lifetime warranty are no different from the standard conditions, with the exception that you need to register with us to obtain a lifetime warranty.

All clearly stated conditions can be found at:

Where should I claim the lifetime warranty? At the dealer?

No, you will only communicate with the manufacturer, i.e., RAVAK a.s., regarding the lifetime warranty.

What exactly should I do if I want to claim a RAVAK bathtub and I have met the conditions for claiming the lifetime warranty?

To claim a complaint, use the complaint form located at and after properly filling it out and stating the information in the description of the claimed defect, that you are claiming a complaint within the lifetime warranty, send it electronically to RAVAK a.s..

Do I have to disassemble the bathtub when claiming a complaint?

You definitely do not have to remove the bathtub or send it anywhere. After properly claiming a complaint, RAVAK a.s. technicians will visit you by prior telephone arrangement, who will assess the complaint at the installation site of the bathtub.

What good is a lifetime warranty on a bathtub for me?

The lifetime warranty guarantees you that you will not have to deal with potential problems associated with a manufacturing defect of the bathtub after the end of the regular warranty. It guarantees you the repair of a manufacturing defect of the bathtub or in case of an irreparable defect its exchange for a new one, for the entire duration of your life according to the conditions of the lifetime warranty on the bathtub.

I have a new RAVAK bathtub, but I don't want to register anywhere and give my personal data. Will I lose anything?

You will lose the advantageous opportunity of a lifetime warranty, i.e. the guarantee of repair or exchange during your entire life. You don't have to worry about your personal data, we proceed in accordance with the regulation of the European Parliament and Council (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons in connection with the processing of personal data and instruction of data subjects (hereinafter "GDPR") located at We only store the data of bathtub buyers in our database, which we would only use to verify your identity when claiming a warranty, or for evaluating our marketing strategies. Your data will not fall into the hands of any third parties. If you decide not to register, the warranty conditions stated in the warranty certificate of your goods apply to you.

I bought a RAVAK bathtub, but I haven't installed it yet. Do I have to register immediately or can I wait until after the installation?

You have two months from the purchase to register the bathtub. During installation, make sure that the bathtub is seated according to the instructions in the attached installation manual!