Freestanding bathtubs

Freedom is a state of mind

Step into a new dimension where you set the rules. Place the bathtub in the bathroom and choose the side that gives you the best view. Do not limit yourself. Relax in RAVAK freestanding bathtubs
Freestanding bathtubs naturally dominate the bathroom and guarantee, in addition to comfortable bathing, a new experience for your leisure time. Place the bathtub where it will have the greatest effect, and enjoy a new dimension of bathing.

Free standing bathtubs naturally dominate the space and provide you with a new leisure experience, in addition to comfortable bathing. Choose a shape that is more pleasant to you, either because of an exceptional combination of rectangle and oval (Solo) or a slowly rounded curve (Freedom O). Place the bathtub where it creates the greatest effect and enjoy the new dimension of bathing. Does your bathroom disposition not let you place the bathtub into space? Never mind, you will not lose your luxury. We have the Freedom W bathtub for you, the best of which stands out when you place it on the wall.

Freestanding Bathtubs

A new dimension of relaxation

Try taking a bath in the middle of the bathroom and experience a new dimension of your leisure time. You will no longer want to go outside; your bathroom will suffice.

Freestanding Bathtubs

For shared experiences

Few bathtubs are as convenient for the bathing of two people together as freestanding bathtubs. The same slope of the backrests and the waste located in the middle in order to optimise comfort at either end, as well as the option of placing the bathtub anywhere ensure that the two of you will share unforgettable experiences together.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Well-designed effect

The RAVAK brand only offers products that have been designed down to the last detail. Therefore, even for this highly effective acrylic bathtub we offer a practical water tap that can be sunk into the floor, creating a holistic design and making it independent of the water pipes in the bathroom.