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Furniture, washbasins and toilet

Formy Bathroom Furniture

Ideal method of combining a table top washbasin and storage space

The Formy bathroom furniture expands the offerings of sets Formy 01 and Formy 02, which appeal to the proponents of classic shapes in new renditions. It follows up closely on table top washbasins, which have become a definite trend in recent times.

Forms Bathroom Furniture


Formy furniture stems from the shape of the washbasin table with width of 80/100/120 cm. The author, Kryštof Nosál, fitted the table with two drawers from below. This created a horizontally oriented shape with large storage space both on top around the washbasin and below, hidden inside the drawers.

Forms Bathroom Furniture


Despite its interior volume and function-oriented design, Formy furniture does not appear robust and does not visually encumber the bathroom, particularly when used in its white glossy varnish rendition. On the other hand, the veneered variant (oak or walnut) lends the bathroom an entirely different feel by introducing the beauty of natural materials into the bathroom space.

Forms Bathroom Furniture


Formy furniture matches washbasins of the same name perfectly. The basins are made from a quality composite with an easy-to-clean surface that repels dirt. They offer an unusually spacious interior with delicately fine edges. The result is a subtle-looking yet majestic and spacious whole, with additional benefits of extra space for an almost unlimited number of necessities thanks to table top installation.