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Forms 02 washbasin

Forms 02 500/600 washbasin

The slightly curved shapes give the Forms 02 basin an unusual aesthetic quality, while the pleasantly large space for washing represents a practical benefit. The washbasin is designed to be combined with a table.

Series Forms

Two different shapes for a minimalist bathroom and a more dynamic atmosphere. Spacious washbasins with a subtle outline and a clean look. The design matches the bath from the same concept.

Formy Washbasins

Table-top washbasins

Forms basins are designed to be placed on a table. This gives the bathroom a distinct look and increases storage space.

Formy Washbasins

Maximum space

The basins are extremely spacious, allowing plenty of room for both arms. The large dimensions stand in stark contrast with the apparent lightness of the entire product.

Formy Washbasins

Part of a concept

The shapes of the Forms washbasins complement the baths of the same name, but also provide an opportunity for combining both collections (Forms 01 and Forms 02).

Technical details

  • Dimensions (W x D): 50/ 60 x 41 cm
  • Material: Composite – cast mixture of dolomite and resin
  • Overflow: No
  • Opening for standing tap: No
  • Table for washbasin: Yes
  • Extras: Washbasin wastes, waste traps, water taps, washbasin table, mirror

The washbasin is designed to be mounted on a table; it cannot be mounted on a wall separately. The basin does not have an overflow – it requires a fixed washbasin waste.

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
XJM01250000 500 x 410 Formy 02 Washbasin 500 D white
XJM01260000 600 x 410 Formy 02 Washbasin 600 D white