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Espirit ES 032.00 wall-mounted shower faucet


ES 032.00CR / ES 032.10WV / ES 032.20BLM / ES 032.20GB / ES 032.60RGB
The wall-mounted shower faucet is suitable for any shower area. The natural beauty of this shower faucet comes from the carefully designed proportions of each part. This faucet complements any bathroom tastefully. It does not draw attention to itself, but its beauty will delight you even years later.
It is up to you whether the colour becomes the unifying element of the bathroom. Or it can completely transform the impression the interior gives. Choose a colour option that adds an extra touch of style to your bathroom. We supply it in five colours: Chrome, White Velvet, Black Matt, Graphite Brushed, or Rose Gold Brushed.

Series For showers

Available in five colours

The Espirit wall-mounted shower faucet has a control lever with completely smooth operation regulating water flow and temperature. A 150-mm spacing makes it a universal companion for any shower. As with all RAVAK faucets, we also offer a five-year guarantee for the Espirit collection in its various colours.

Technical details

  • Faucet spacing: 150 mm
  • Cartridge (diameter, material): 35 mm, ceramic
  • colour:
    • CR: Chrome - polished chrome
    • WV: White Velvet - matt white
    • BLM: Black Matt 
    • GB: Graphite Brushed 
    • RGB: Rose Gold Brushed
  • warranty: five years
  • suitable for: all shower enclosures
  • accessories available for purchase: shower set and other accessories in the same colour

For a comprehensive solution and harmonious bathroom design, we recommend combining it with other Espirit faucets in the same colour. For external cleaning we recommend using RAVAK Chrome Cleaner.

5-year WarrantyRavak Cleaner ChromeSoftMove
Espirit ES 032.00 wall-mounted shower faucet

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
X070200 ES 032.00CR wall-mounted shower faucet, Chrome
X070243 ES 032.10WV wall-mounted shower faucet, White Velvet
X070280 ES 032.20BLM wall-mounted shower faucet, Black Matt
X070317 ES 032.20GB wall-mounted shower faucet, Graphite Brushed
X070354 ES 032.60RGB wall-mounted shower faucet, Rose Gold Brushed