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Espirit ES 019.00 concealed washbasin faucet, with body


ES 019.00CR.O1 / ES 019.10WV.O1 / ES 019.20BLM.O1 / ES 019.20GB.O1 / ES 019.60RGB.O1
This model is for lovers of minimalist solutions. It is designed for concealed installation using its own body. The natural beauty of this concealed faucet comes from the carefully designed proportions of each part. Your wall will be adorned with a curved spout arm and subtle rotary levers for regulating the hot and cold water. This faucet complements any bathroom tastefully. It does not draw attention to itself, but its beauty will delight you even years later. 
It is up to you whether the colour becomes the unifying element of the bathroom. Or it can completely transform the impression the interior gives. Choose a colour option that adds an extra touch of style to your bathroom. We supply it in five colours: Chrome, White Velvet, Black Matt, Graphite Brushed, or Rose Gold Brushed.

Series For washbasins

Available in five colours

We offer washbasin standing faucets at the classic height of 190 mm or the extended height of 250 mm, which is suitable for larger and deeper washbasins, where you can fill taller containers with water, for instance. Extra-tall faucets with a height of 340 mm are suitable for tabletop washbasins. You can install them next to the washbasin, wherever you find it most convenient. The range of standing washbasins is complemented by a three-element faucet with curved spout.
For washbasins without a pre-drilled hole for a standing faucet, we offer washbasin faucets that leave more space on the washbasin. The Expirit faucets in all five colours are covered by our five-year warranty.

Technical details

  • outlet spout length: 187 mm
  • cartridge (material): ceramic valve
  • colour:
    • CR: Chrome - polished chrome
    • WV: White Velvet - matt white
    • BLM: Black Matt 
    • GB: Graphite Brushed
    • RGB: Rose Gold Brushed
  • design: full body – not for R-box
  • warranty: 5 years
  • suitable for: tabletop washbasins and washbasins without a hole for a standing faucet

Inside the faucet is a sophisticated aerator with the EcoFlow function. The flow is limited to 5 l per minute and enriched with air. You probably won’t even notice it, but it will have an effect on your water consumption, which will be lower than with a regular faucet.

For a comprehensive solution and harmonious bathroom design, we recommend combining it with other Espirit faucets in the same colour. For external cleaning we recommend using RAVAK Chrome Cleaner.

5-year WarrantyRavak Cleaner ChromeHidden aeratorEasyClean (Aerator)EcoFlow
Espirit ES 019.00 concealed washbasin faucet, with body

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
X070196 ES 019.00CR.O1 Espirit concealed washbasin faucet, Chrome
X070239 ES 019.10WV.O1 Espirit concealed washbasin faucet, White Velvet
X070276 ES 019.20BLM.O1 Espirit concealed washbasin faucet, Black Matt
X070313 ES 019.20GB.O1 Espirit concealed washbasin faucet, Graphite Brushed
X070350 ES 019.60RGB.O1 Espirit concealed washbasin faucet, Rose Gold Brushed