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Espirit ES 068.00 concealed faucet with diverter for R-box


ES 068.00CR.O3.RB07F / ES 068.10WV.O3.RB07F / ES 068.20BLM.O3.RB07F / ES 068.20GB.O3.RB07F / ES 068.60RGB.O3.RB07F
This model is for lovers of minimalist solutions. It is designed for concealed installation using an R-box. The natural beauty of this concealed faucet comes from the carefully designed proportions of each part. Smooth control of the faucet lever provides perfect regulation of the water flow and temperature. The diverter allows you to switch the water outlet between three locations. It is therefore ideal for baths with bath screens or shower enclosures where you need to distribute water to three different shower outlets. This faucet complements any bathroom tastefully. It does not draw attention to itself, but its beauty will delight you even years later. 
It is up to you whether the colour becomes the unifying element of the bathroom. Or it can completely transform the impression the interior gives. Choose a colour option that adds an extra touch of style to your bathroom. We supply it in five colours: Chrome, White Velvet, Black Matt, Graphite Brushed, or Rose Gold Brushed.

Series Built-in

Available in five colours

Espirit faucets are available as one-way without a diverter or two-way and three-way with a diverter. The concealed faucets without a diverter are suitable for baths with overflow filling without a shower option or for shower enclosures with one shower. The two-way concealed faucets with a diverter are suitable for baths with overflow filling with a shower option and for shower enclosures with overhead and handheld showers. Three-way concealed faucets allow water to be distributed to three places.
All of the Expirit faucets in their various colours are covered by our five-year warranty.

Technical details

  • Cartridge (diameter, material): 35 mm, ceramic
  • Design: three-way, with diverter, without body – for R-box Vertical O2/O3 RB 07F.50
  • colour:
    • CR: Chrome - polished chrome
    • WV: White Velvet - matt white
    • BLM: Black Matt
    • GB: Graphite Brushed
    • RGB: Rose Gold Brushed 
  • warranty: five years
  • suitable for:
    • for baths with a bath screen for overflow filling or spout arm and an outlet for overhead and handheld showers
    • for shower enclosures which have fixed overhead and handheld showers, e.g. for massage jets
  • accessories available for purchase: R-box Vertical O2/O3 RB 07F.50, shower set and other accessories in the same colour

The concealed faucet is ready for use with the R-Box installation body, which simplifies the work significantly and improves the overall result. For a comprehensive solution and harmonious bathroom design, we recommend combining it with other Espirit faucets in the same colour. For external cleaning we recommend using RAVAK Chrome Cleaner.

The basic body for the RB 07F.50 concealed faucet is not part of the faucet and must be purchased separately. The R-box contains materials for attaching it to the wall, but does not include connections for water pipes or other plumbing materials. The R-box contains a working plastic cover part of the inner body of the faucet stored in the R-box, which keeps the water supply in the bathroom fully functional even when the upper part of the faucet is dismantled. With this plastic part, the water supply can be deaerated without stopping the water supply.

5-year WarrantyRavak Cleaner ChromeSoftMove
Espirit ES 068.00 concealed faucet with diverter for R-box

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
X070203 ES 068.00CR.O3.RB07F Espirit concealed faucet with diverter for R-box, Chrome
X070246 ES 068.10WV.O3.RB07F Espirit concealed faucet with diverter for R-box, White Velvet
X070283 ES 068.20BLM.O3.RB07F Espirit concealed faucet with diverter for R-box, Black Matt
X070320 ES 068.20GB.O3.RB07F Espirit concealed faucet with diverter for R-box, Graphite Brushed
X070357 ES 068.60RGB.O3.RB07F Espirit concealed faucet with diverter for R-box, Rose Gold Brushed
X070235 RB 07F.50 R-box Vertical O2/O3