A water tap is a key element of every bathroom, both in terms of function and design. Therefore, in our offer, you will find a really wide selection of quality products.

When building or renovating a bathroom, you can choose between models of various designs, sizes, and colours. According to function, we divide taps into washbasin, bathtub, shower, or bidet taps.

Our range includes wall-mounted and concealed taps, where the technical part is hidden in the wall. Deck-mounted taps are placed, for example, on a washbasin, bidet, or on the rim of a bathtub, so they do not disrupt the integrity of the tiles.

Among the eco taps, you will find thermostatic taps, which ensure a constant water temperature. There are also smart taps with the BeCool function; they let the hot water run only when it is desirable, so they save not only money but also the planet.

You can also enjoy a unique showering experience with a dual shower system.

To achieve a perfectly coordinated bathroom interior, we recommend choosing taps from the same design concept and complement the overall look with the right accessories.