Deep shower trays and mini bathtubs

Ideal for showering and bathing

The best solution for combining the advantages of a bathtub and shower enclosure. Thanks to the deep and integrated seat, the deep shower tray gives you the pleasant option of bathing small children or seated adults. Dimensions typical of a traditional shower tray make it possible to be installed even in small bathrooms where a bathtub will not fit.

The Sabina deep-seated tray in the LA design is reinforced with fibreglass and is designed to be underpinned. The LA+BASE design is installed on legs and the LA+BASE+SET design is installed on legs (Sabina 90 Base) and fitted with a panel. Legs and panels are ordered separately. The total height of the Sabina shower tray is 42 cm. For this reason, we recommend installing it with the special reduced-height Supernova or Blix enclosures. For the shower tray, we recommend the Sabina waste trap with a diameter of 52 mm and the Click-Clack control system.