CVSK1 Rosa bath screen

One-part bathtub screen

A luxury glass screen designed for the Rosa bathtubs. Its pivot column allows its turning into the inner space above the bathtub or outwards to the wall in an angle of 180°. Cleaning of the screen is thus easy and the bathtub entry is pleasantly wide.

Series For asymmetric bathtubs

Choose from a wide range of bathtub screens suitable not only for RAVAK bathtubs, but any bathtubs with a flat and level top rim, including sheet metal and cast iron bathtubs. RAVAK bathtub screens are versatile, always fit perfectly and fold in a number of ways.

Bathtub screens for asymmetric bathtubs

Wide range

We have a bathtub screen for every bathtub, especially for all rectangular bathtubs. You can choose from a number of different opening methods. We offer several types of panels and frame colours.

Bathtub screens for asymmetric bathtubs

Easy installation

Anybody can install a screen with a few screws into the wall, even in finished bathrooms.

Bathtub screens for asymmetric bathtubs

Exceptional quality

RAVAK bathtub screens are developed and manufactured by the same people who have been responsible for manufacturing our first-class shower enclosures for decades. We have therefore perfectly mastered manufacturing techniques, we know how to select the best suppliers of materials, and bathtub screens are created by the same designers at the Nosal Design Studio who create shower enclosures. As a result, we can guarantee first-class quality and the added value of a designer's original concept.

Technical details

  • Dimensions: 85 cm for bathtubs 140, 150 cm; 100 cm for bathtubs 160, 170 cm
  • Type: A reversible product (L/R)
  • Colour: Profiles – white, Alubright gloss, satin
  • Safety glass panelling: 6 mm; Transparent
  • Height: 150 cm
  • Designed for the following bathtubs: Rosa I, Rosa II, Rosa 95

The CVSK1 should be chosen in the left-/right-handed option depending on the version of the Rosa bathtub.

CVSK1 Rosa bath screen

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
7QLM0100Y1 Height 1500 CVSK1 ROSA 140/150 L white+Transparent
7QRM0100Y1 CVSK1 ROSA 140/150 R white+Transparent
7QLM0C00Y1 CVSK1 ROSA 140/150 L bright alu+Transparent
7QRM0C00Y1 CVSK1 ROSA 140/150 R bright alu+Transparent
7QLM0U00Y1 CVSK1 ROSA 140/150 L satin+Transparent
7QRM0U00Y1 CVSK1 ROSA 140/150 R satin+Transparent
7QLS0100Y1 CVSK1 ROSA 160/170 L white+Transparent
7QRS0100Y1 CVSK1 ROSA 160/170 R white+Transparent
7QLS0C00Y1 CVSK1 ROSA 160/170 L bright alu+Transparent
7QRS0C00Y1 CVSK1 ROSA 160/170 R bright alu+Transparent
7QLS0U00Y1 CVSK1 ROSA 160/170 L satin+Transparent
7QRS0U00Y1 CVSK1 ROSA 160/170 R satin+Transparent