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Cool! shower enclosures and shower doors

Corner shower enclosure

Shower door

Fixed wall

Just the kind you’ve always wanted!

Large glossy glass surfaces complemented by the highest-quality clean design details. To give you a bathroom that’s stylish and “in”.

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Details you can rely on

We take care to ensure that every detail of our enclosures is of high quality. The profiles, hinges, strut and handle are made of strong, durable materials. So they will continue to serve you well in the years to come.

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Wide = comfortable

The COSD1 shower door is one-piece and so it offers a comfortable wide entrance. Feel free to step in comfortably and immerse yourself in the rush of warm water.

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For the shower tray and the floor

Complete your shower enclosure with a shower tray or inset shower drain from our wide range. By installing the enclosure directly on the floor, it becomes a natural part of the interior and allows the bathroom tiles to stand out.