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Furniture, washbasins and toilet

Comfort Bathroom Furniture

Focused on detail

It combines the unmatched qualities of a ceramic washbasin with a modern take on storage cabinets. A characteristic element of the series is the semi-inset metal handle, the design of which is unique on the market. The cabinets are supplied with a white handle, but we also offer a chrome handle separately. All the bathroom cabinets from the Comfort series feature in-depth impregnation to ensure perfect water resistance.

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Combination with ceramics

Comfort bathroom furniture allows you to choose between two types of washbasins, the Comfort washbasin inset in a cabinet or one of the models suitable for a countertop (e.g. the Uni or Uni Slim). Both types are made of durable ceramic, representing the ideal union of the characteristics of a traditional material used for centuries with timeless design.

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Storage areas and storage spaces

The Comfort range consists of two product lines. It is good for both fans of hidden storage spaces, who prefer an inset washbasin with a cleverly designed vanity unit with soft-close drawers and a metal handle, and lovers of open storage areas, which are best created with a countertop washbasin with vanity unit.

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The combination of a countertop (60, 80 and 120 cm), a cabinet and a ceramic washbasin with another optional cabinet under the countertop can result in a wide range of solutions, as well as the option of installing a metal towel holder. The set is completed with a slim 160-cm cabinet in two widths and depths, with a hinged door and six shelves.