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Comfort 1200 countertop

Comfort 1200 countertop for the SD Comfort 600 cabinet

The practical and modern white Comfort 1200 countertop complements the SD Comfort 600 wall-hung cabinet or even two SD Balance 600 cabinets, and allows for a countertop washbasin. The counter is waterproof thanks to the deep impregnation and careful lacquering.

Technical details

  • dimensions (w x h x d): 120 x 1,6 x 46 cm
  • material: impregnated MFPB
  • colour: white lacquer (gloss)
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • accessories: SD Comfort 600 cabinet, Countertop washbasin (e.g. Uni, Uni Slim), Balance/Comfort 1200 countertop bracket, Comfort towel holder

We offer the lacquered waterproof Comfort 1200 counter with deep impregnation in high gloss white. It can be mounted on the SD Comfort 600 wall-hung cabinet or two SD Balance 600 cabinets. The holes for the washbasin or standing faucets are not pre-drilled. This allows you to position the countertop washbasin according to your needs (under the cabinet only in the middle) and to choose any placement of the standing faucets. The combination of the counter with the cabinet creates a generous storage space. If the table is placed on a wall-hung cabinet on one side, it is necessary to support the table on the other side using a Balance/Comfort 1200 table bracket. A Comfort towel holder in white can be mounted beneath the table.

5-year WarrantyAnti-moisture Treatment
Comfort 1200 countertop

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
X000001381 1200x16x460 mm Washtop Comfort 1200 white
X000001377 SD Comfort 600 white/white
X000001375 20x11x36 cm Balance/Comfort 120 countertop bracket
X000001384 Comfort towel holder


23,6 MB