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Furniture, washbasins and toilet

Clear bathroom furniture

A pure expression of luxury

Luxury does not equal artificiality. Luxury is pure beauty. This is the philosophy of the designers of the Clear bathroom cabinets with the typical bevelled edges angled at precisely 45°, veneered surface and a trendy horizontal line. The bathroom furniture series is complemented with illuminated mirrors.

Clear Bathroom Furniture

Horizontal line

Clear furniture is exceptional in current production, with its horizontal orientation harmoniously winding along the bathroom walls – leaving its inside space free for users.

Clear Bathroom Furniture

Exceptional design

Under-washbasin cabinet edges are precisely chamfered to 45°, perfectly aligned and represent an exceptionally clean solution on the market. 

Clear Bathroom Furniture

Perfect harmony

The style of the cabinets under the washbasin and on the side walls is perfectly coordinated with the installation of Clear washbasins from the same brand, with which the cabinets make a universal ensemble independent of the style of any bathroom.