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Furniture, washbasins and toilet

Classic II SB-400 tall cabinet L/R

SB Classic II 400 tall cabinet L/R

A tall cabinet with height-adjustable shelves in the upper and lower part designed as a comprehensive whole with an ergonomic cut-out for easier opening. Available in two colours. The design complements the Classic II concept, which aims to furnish your entire bathroom in a highly functional and minimalist style.

Series Classic II

Classic in the best sense of the word

The Classic II bathroom furniture is a manifestation of simplicity and practicality in their essential form. The economical exterior lines are accentuated by the lightly cut oval handle, giving a friendly, minimalist look.

Koupelnový nábytek Classic II

A wide range of sizes

The Classic II model series includes washbasins from the smallest basins mostly used in toilets through to large family washbasins. All washbasins have matching cabinets for their size and style.

Koupelnový nábytek Classic II

Sophisticated interior layout

Each Classic II cabinet model is designed to provide maximum storage space in a compact, all-encompassing shape that does not take up too much space in the bathroom. For a transparent layout of your stored items, the largest cabinet model under the double washbasin can be equipped with a shallow drawer with door handle plates for your smallest toiletries.

Koupelnový nábytek Classic II

A selection of colour patterns

In order for the Classic II bathroom furniture to fit virtually any bathroom design, the individual pieces are available in different colours including white/white, or white/grey.

Technical details

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 40 x 26 x 160 cm
  • Material: Treated MFPB and MDF board
  • Type: left and right (L/R)
  • Colour: white/white, white/grey
  • warranty: five years

The tall cabinet features height-adjustable shelves in the upper and lower part. Available with hinges on the left or right. High-quality hinges ensure that the doors close slowly. Supplied assembled, including installation kit (screws, hinges, plugs). The cabinet is mounted on a wall.
For a comprehensive solution and design harmony in the bathroom, we recommend combining the side column with other products from the Classic II range.

5-year WarrantyConceptsL/R VariantAnti-moisture Treatment
Classic II SB-400 tall cabinet L/R

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
X000001472 400x260x1600 mm Side column SB-400 Classic II L white/white
X000001474 Side column SB-400 Classic II R white/white
X000001473 Side column SB-400 Classic II L white/grey
X000001475 Side column SB-400 Classic II R white/grey