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City Slim bathtub


This bathtub doesn’t scream its uniqueness from the rooftops. On the contrary: it confidently waits for your attention, which it so clearly deserves, until you can’t look away. It’s serene, natural and elegantly restrained in ways that you’ll never tire of. The City Slim bathtub features a very fine upper edge (only 18 mm high) and a wide range of cladding panels. You do not have to surround your bath with masonry and ceramics: just buy one of the designer panels in walnut, oak, satinwood (brushed) or pure white. The panel completely changes the style of your bathtub, takes a few minutes to put up and is water-resistant.


Bathtubs with a slim edge

We also offer the most popular models of our rectangular acrylic bathtubs with a thinner edge. A slim edge that is only 18 mm high best shows its potential when embedded in a surround.
If you do not want to use a surround, City Slim bathtubs at 180 × 80 cm can also be combined with a front and side panel (MDF wood fibre board) in oak, walnut, satinwood or white. The 180 × 80-cm bathtub (Formy 01 Slim, Formy 02 Slim) can be furnished with a waterproof front and side panel in white, which can be installed in just a few minutes.

Slim vany RAVAK

Unified look

A slim-edge bathtub blends perfectly into the surround, resulting in a uniform whole without any visible transitions. Recessing the bathtub gives its internal shape the chance to shine.

Slim vany RAVAK

Useful benefits

Adding a surround can create additional storage areas around the rim, which are always useful.

Slim vany RAVAK

Freedom of choice

The bathtub surround can be used as a stylish visual element in your bathroom. You can have it blend in with the tiling used for the entire room or use a contrasting material that will attract the eye to the bathtub and let it dominate the space.

Technical details

  • dimensions: 180x80 cm
  • material: cast acrylic
  • variant: slim upper edge, 18 mm high
  • reinforcement variant: LA - fibreglass
  • volume: 220 l
  • brutto weight: 24,56 kg
  • bath screen: VS2, VS3, VS5, PVS1, NVS1, BVS1, BVS2, CVS2, AVDP3
  • warranty: 10 years - The warranty is contingent on the buyer using original RAVAK supports (legs) for the given type of bath in accordance with the assembly manual.
  • extras: supports, front and side panel in white, walnut, oak, satin wood design, bath drain set (800 mm)

The bath can be combined with CSV2, VS2, VS3, VS5, PVS1, NVS1, BVS1 or BVS2 bath screens or the AVDP3 bath door. The City Slim bathtub is designed for use in a surround.
Both the front and the side panel can be purchased separately for the bath. The bath requires a 800mm-long bath drain set. The bath can also be complemented by a front or side panel in white colour or in wooden decor (walnut, oak or satin wood).

5-year Warranty on Panels10-year warrantyVolume: 220 lBathtub weight 25 kg
City Slim bathtub

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
C921300000 1800 x 800 Bathtub CITY SLIM 180 x 80 snowwhite
CY00040000 Support for bathtub 80 U
X000001059 Frontal panel 180 white
X000001060 Frontal panel 180 oak
X000001061 Frontal panel 180 walnut
X000001107 Frontal panel 180 satin wood
X000001062 Side panel 80 L white
X000001063 Side panel 80 L oak
X000001064 Side panel 80 L walnut
X000001108 Side panel 80 L satin wood
X000001065 Side panel 80 R white
X000001066 Side panel 80 R oak
X000001067 Side panel 80 R walnut
X000001109 Side panel 80 R satin wood
X01318 Bathtub siphon 800 B R/R chrome
X01472 Bathtub siphon 800 C-C R/R chrome
X01506 Bathtub siphon 800 B S/R chrome
X01504 Overflow filling 800 B S/R chrome
X01505 Overflow filling 800 C-C S/R chrome