Chromotherapy – immerse yourself in a world of colours

vana NewDayIn today's hectic times, when we try to find a little time, privacy and tranquillity for ourselves, it is good to combine practicality and pleasure. Sit back and just relax: Chromotherapy helps you forget the hustle and bustle of the day.

It is an alternative treatment method used to harmonise body and soul with light and colour. It strengthens the body, reduces stress and induces a sense of peace. Light and colour affect us greatly, they colour our mood and energy. They influence our perception of temperature, time, our concentration, and our overall state of mind, which is closely linked to the physical aspects of each individual.

Chromotherapy was used by the ancient Chinese, Greeks and Egyptians. They considered colours to be divine strength needed to maintain the internal energy in the body, which was synonymous with health. Our ancestors also believed that every human body is associated with a certain colour and used chromotherapy to induce healing effects for various health problems.

The seven colours of the rainbow, which combine to form white light, influence our mental and physical condition.

RED – Radiates warmth, energises, increases the sense of security and confidence, quickens the blood flow and metabolism and has beneficial effects for sufferers of anaemia and chronic cough.

ORANGE – Stimulates, improves one's mood, increases energy, relieves depression and sadness, helps during loss of appetite, anaemia, anorexia, and helps proper mental development.

YELLOW – Brings a positive mood, strengthens the nervous system, stimulates the urge for learning and intellect, supports memory, ambition and endurance, helps with self-control.

GREEN – Calms, harmonises the thoughts, helps with recovery, has a positive effect on the detoxification of the body.

BLUE – Calms, helps to fall asleep, rejuvenates the skin, reduces appetite, helps ease headaches, asthma and inflammatory diseases.

VIOLET – Provides spiritual strength, improves neurological complications, helps with diseases of the lymphatic system.