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Chrome bidet

Chrome bidet

The clean design solution consists of a simple style without disturbing unnecessary details. Its appearance complements the Chrome series products and is suitable for placement along with Chrome RimOff WC. Thanks to hanging on the wall, similarly as the WC, it makes it easy to clean the floor of the bathroom or toilet room. Without edges and creases, where dirt could accumulate. For the harmonious look of the bathroom or toilet room, it is suitable to complement it with other Chrome concept products.


Like you wash your hands for a healthy and pleasant feeling you can also take care of your intimate parts. Install a bidet in your bathroom and you will never want to be without one again.

Bathroom Concept Extended to Perfection
The design of the Chrome suspended bidet is linked to the broad bathroom concept allowing for keeping the same style in bathrooms combined with toilet. The design is at the same time so modern and universal that it can be successfully applied in any contemporary bathroom.

Hidden Assembly System
The overall clean design is not disturbed, cleaning is facilitated and inaccessible places are minimised on the outside of the toilet bowl where dirt accumulates after a time.

Suspension System
For facilitated bathroom cleaning.

Technical details

  • dimensions (W x D x H): 360 x 525 x 300 mm
  • material: solid ceramics, glaze without the need for additional surface treatments
  • hidden attachment system
  • warranty: 10 years
  • accessories: installation module for bidet, bidet siphon, bidet water taps

High-quality ceramic material in a fresh and stylish design for every day.
The Chrome bidet is supplied with an opening for a bidet standing water tap. Hidden installation and mounting set are included in the package.
For the bidet, we recommend to buy an installation module for a bidet, a bidet siphon and a bidet water tap (e.g. Chrome standing bidet water tap).
For a complete toilet room or bathroom solution, it is possible to purchase Chrome accessories or other Chrome concept products (WC, washbasins, furniture etc.).

10-year warrantyConcepts
Chrome bidet

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
X01450 350 x 525 x 290 Chrome bidet