Choosing a shower enclosure

Do you prefer to relax under flowing water rather than in a classic bath?

You should focus on the following when choosing a shower enclosure:

1. Appearance of the shower enclosure – the structure

If you prefer a modern, balanced design, choose a frameless structure composed only of safety glass panels and hinges or fixing profiles that attach the glass panels to the wall.

The semi-framed structure without vertical inner profiles has a modern look and perfect functionality. Thanks to the sliding door, it also saves space in the bathroom.

The most common type is the fully framed shower enclosure where the glass panels are set into the surrounding structure, which increases their resistance to careless treatment.

2. Shape and size of the showering area

Depending on the available space, you can choose from a square, rectangular or quadrant shower enclosure in dimensions of 75 x 75 cm to 90 x 120 cm, or use a practical shower door in combination with a fixed wall that won't restrict you in any way (up to 100 x 200 cm). A classic acrylic shower tray, deep-seated tray or exclusive flat shower tray made out of cast marble and a drain can become part of your shower enclosure.

3. Shower door openings

Keep in mind the minimum space required around the shower enclosure, so that showering can be comfortable. RAVAK offers a number of options for opening shower doors:


Sliding – this type of door doesn't take up space in the bathroom. Moreover, it allows water to run off freely into the shower tray/drain area, without water leaking outside of the shower enclosure. The AntiBlock system provides quiet and reliable operation.

Folding and sliding

Folding and sliding – the advantage here is the large entrance width while maintaining a small dimension of the structure in the opening. Even when opened, it stops water escaping from the shower enclosure.

Rotating pivoted

Rotating pivoted – this is a simple door-opening system that requires no maintenance. The door opens mostly outwards.


Hinged/rotating – metal chromium-plated hinges/rotating profiles with rise mechanism enable the door to lock in the main position, close automatically and lift above the threshold step. The door opens into the bathroom or with the rotating profiles both inwards and outwards.

4. Space requirements

Keep in mind the minimum space required around the shower enclosure, so that showering can be comfortable. The door opening style and entrance location of your shower enclosure play a vital role in this matter. If you need to save some space, use a sliding or folding door, which opens inwards.

5. No leakage

To avoid water leaking, a good structural solution is vital. The best way is to choose a product from an experienced manufacturer in this field.