Choosing a bathtub

Do you long for a hot bath now and then? Do you feel you couldn't do without your 30 minutes in the bath?

Before you purchase a bathtub, think about these important criteria:

1. Beauty

A bathtub influences the look of your bathroom in a crucial way. Only the best designers can create timeless models that will always be a delight to look at.


2. Practicality

There are many beautiful bathtubs around; however, RAVAK bathtubs offer some useful additional features. Choose a product with features that meet your requirements. Families with children will undoubtedly appreciate bathtubs with a straight and wide side rim, which serves as shelf space for all the necessary cosmetics and toys, and facilitates installation of a bathtub screen. If you want even more shelf space, choose the Praktik Lux bathtub. If you have a small bathroom, we offer the Avocado, BeHappy and Rosa bathtubs. Do you like sharing a bath with someone else? Then LoveStory, Gentiana or NewDay are for you. Maximum comfort can be found in the You bathtub...


3. Space

The layout of your bathroom will affect your choice of bathtub. A corner bathtub for two is more suitable for larger bathrooms; whereas an asymmetrical bathtub is better-suited to smaller bathrooms. It saves space and you can have a comfortable bath and a shower. Small bathrooms will benefit from the well thought-out concepts, which comprise accessories and other furnishings that complement the bathtub.


4. Quality

The quality of a bathtub is determined primarily by the material and manufacturing technology. We rely on the practical and aesthetic quality of cast acrylic. Our bathtubs are made on machines belonging to the world's leading manufacturers – Siemens, Cannon, Shelley, Armour, Kawasaki and Geiss. As a result, we can provide a 10-year warranty on all RAVAK bathtubs.