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Furniture, washbasins and toilet

Ceramic washbasins Comfort

With slimmer edges

The Comfort inset ceramic washbasin has slim edges, resulting in a very lightweight look. The combination of a ceramic washbasin and modern furniture with unique semi-inset metal handles introduces a tasteful aesthetic for your bathroom.

Umyvadla Comfort

Proven materials

The Comfort washbasin is made of durable ceramic, representing the ideal union of the characteristics of a traditional material used for centuries with timeless design.

Umyvadla Comfort

Large space for usage

A significant cutout provides an internal space that is as large as possible. Where needed, the slim edge becomes a wider surface on which to place bathroom cosmetics.

Umyvadla Comfort

Combination with cabinet

Comfort inset washbasins are set in cabinets from the same range in the two most popular widths. Together with the high cabinets, they will satisfy the needs of every bathroom.