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Furniture, washbasins and toilet

Ceramic Slim ceramic washbasins

Visual lightness combined with durability

The thin-walled version of Ceramic washbasins on a table has precisely defined subtle edges.

Keramická umyvadla Ceramic Slim


Modern straight lines or a friendly rounded silhouette? Choose the type that’s closer to you. Both designs match a modern bathroom.

Keramická umyvadla Ceramic Slim

And the table

For maximum comfort when arranging the bathroom, we also offer tables for Ceramic SLIM ceramic washbasins (walnut veneer, oak veneer or white gloss design) in the dimensions of 80/100/120 cm. Thanks to deep impregnation, they are absolutely water resistant, so they provide a full storage area around the washbasin, which does not mind even the splashing water.

Keramická umyvadla Ceramic Slim

Freedom of choice

Enjoy finding endless possibilities to place the washbasin on the table and from which angle to install the water tap. Washbasins on a table give you unique freedom.