Water taps

Ceiling outlet arm

Ceiling spout for overhead shower

703.00/704.00/705.00 A necessary accessory for an overhead shower, which will allow you to lazily indulge in beneficial effect of relaxation under the falling drops.


For shower heads, we offer a bar with sliding shower holder of 60 or 90 cm in length or a simple plastic holder. For built-in taps, we provide a wall-mounted shower outlet. Bars, holders and wall outlets are suitable for shower enclosures as well as bathtubs.

Technical details

  • Length: 20, 30, 50 cm
  • Material: Chrome-plated brass
  • It contains: Brass elbow fitting for wall attachment
  • Designed: To be completed with overhead showers 980.00, 981.00, 982.00

We recommend using RAVAK Chrome Cleaner for cleaning external surfaces.

2-year WarrantyRavak Cleaner Chrome
Ceiling outlet arm

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
X07P178 703.00 Ceiling arm - 20 cm
X07P179 704.00 Ceiling arm - 30 cm
X07P180 705.00 Ceiling arm - 50 cm


125 MB