Brilliant Drip Rails


A new drip rail is an important component to a threshold bar. Together, they efficiently prevent water from splashing outside the showering area.


Is your shower enclosure a few years old? Rejuvenate it and extend its life! These sets of original spare parts for Brilliant shower enclosures and doors will restore the water-tightness of the product.

Vertical Seals Brilliant

Vertical Seals

Vertical transparent sealing strips will perfectly seal up the joint between glass panels or between a glass panel and a wall. These spare parts will thus once again provide your shower enclosure or door the same high water-tightness it once had.

Magnets Brilliant


Magnet sets will make sure your shower doors close shut as they should.

Drip Rail Brilliant

Drip Rail

A bottom drip rail is a necessary component to a threshold bar and works in conjunction with it to prevent water from splashing outside the showering area.

Technical details

Straight drip rail is designed for corner entry shower enclosures (BSRV4 and BSDPS) and shower doors (BSD2 and BSD3). Quadrant drip rail KK4 is designed for shower enclosures BSKK4. Quadrant drip rail KK3 (L or R) is designed for shower enclosures BSKK3 (left-sided or right-sided variants). Drip rails are delivered in universal lengths that can be trimmed down based on the size of the door.

2-year Warranty
Brilliant Drip Rails

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
D000000023 Brilliant Drip Rails equal BRILLIANT, SMARTLINE 900 mm
D000000026 Brilliant Drip Rails quadrant KK4 BRILLIANT, SMARTLINE
D000000045 Brilliant Drip Rails quadrant KK3 L BRILLIANT, GLASSLINE
D000000046 Brilliant Drip Rails quadrant KK3 R BRILLIANT, GLASSLINE

Delivered within 3 days.
You can find other parts in the Spare Parts Catalogue, in the "Data for download" section or you can contact us.