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Bathtub waste sets with overflow filling

Bathtub drain sets with overflow filling

This is a bath drain set that is equipped with filling overflow and requires a concealed faucet. This simple device, from which only the control wheel at the top of the bathtub and the stopper at the bottom are visible, offers comfortable filling of water that "overflows" down the bathtub wall. Unlike with a traditional faucet, there is nothing on the bathtub to hit yourself on; the water fills along the side of the tub so it doesn't splash, and last but not least, it looks nice. Bathtub drain sets with overflow filling have a Bowden or Click-Clack pop-up waste control. The top quality materials used guarantee a long service life.

Series Waste sets

Without a waste set, a bathtub would not be of service to you. This technical detail is the only part that makes a bathtub a functional, long-lasting product. 

You can add a waste set with overflow controlled by a Bowden cable or the Click-Clack principle to your bathtub. Both are available with or without overflow filling.

All the variants you may need
Waste sets for RAVAK bathtubs include any solutions that you may find useful, including special waste sets with overflow filling.

Technical details

A drain set with overflow filling is installed where an in-wall bathtub faucet is used. The water flows in through the bathtub overflow with control via the in-wall faucet. The sets are made of top quality materials and differ in length, mechanism and design. In the Bowden pop-up waste mechanism, the top wheel and drain plug are connected by a Bowden cable. Turn the control wheel to open or close the drain plug. Use the Click-Clack mechanism to press and close the drain plug by hand or foot and press again to open it. You can choose from bath drain sets with overflow filling in lengths of 570 mm or 800 mm with Bowden wheel or Click-Clack pop-up waste control. The product also includes a waste trap (odour stopper), a metal waste trap stopper and a plastic filling head. The drain control is square with a chrome finish. All the above bath drain sets with overflow filling are suitable for all types of bathtubs, except for Avocado, BeHappy II and Classic. Bathtub drain sets with overflow filling with a length of 570 mm additionally cannot be used with the Formy 01 and Formy 02 bathtubs.

3-year Warranty
Bathtub waste sets with overflow filling

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
X01438 Overflow filling 570 B S/R chrome
X01440 Overflow filling 570 C-C S/R chrome
X01504 Overflow filling 800 B S/R chrome
X01505 Overflow filling 800 C-C S/R chrome

Optional accessories