Bathtub screens and bathtub doors

A bathtub need not be only for bathing. Use a bathtub screen and comfortably shower while standing up without splashing water over the entire bathroom. RAVAK offers a wide range of different models of bathtub screens and bathtub doors. Their design allows them to be installed not only on original RAVAK bathtubs, but on practically any traditional rectangular bathtub. Bathtub screens create a partial barrier (widths from 80 cm to 110 cm) against splashing water. Bathtub doors seal the entire area around a bathtub from wall to wall.

Bathtub screens prevent the splashing of water on the floor, so your bathroom remains dry and safe after showering. A bathtub with a screen or doors will be appreciated not only by adults, but especially by children who love to splash. Bathtub screens also enable comfortable showering while standing up.

Bathtub screens and doors can be installed in a finished bathroom easily. Installation is very simple and can be carried out by almost anyone. They are attached to the wall with only a few screws. We are also able to manufacture custom-made, non-standard shower screens.