BVS2 bathtub screen

Two-part bathtub screen with a movable section

A luxury gem for your bathroom. Only glass and chrome - the beautiful effect is not disturbed by anything.

Series For rectangular bathtubs

Asymmetric bathtubs are characterised by their ingenious shape, which saves space in the bathroom and still enables pleasant bathing. We develop custom-made bathtub screens that match the shape of asymmetric bathtubs perfectly and enable comfortable showering while standing up. Your bathtub will suddenly become a comfortable shower enclosure with a maximum width of up to 105 cm.

Bathtub screens and bathtub doors for rectangular bathtubs

Wide range

We have a screen for almost every bathtub, with the exception of several rare models. We develop bathtubs so that they coordinate with the screen perfectly and together form a safe place for showering.

Bathtub screens and bathtub doors for rectangular bathtubs

Easy installation

Anybody can install a screen with a few screws into the wall, even in finished bathrooms.

Bathtub screens and bathtub doors for rectangular bathtubs

Modern design and honest materials

As an experienced manufacturer of shower enclosures, our bathtub screens also reflect our many years of experience, honest craftsmanship and a keen sense for selecting the best materials. The look of the bathtub screens is created by the acclaimed Nosal Design Studio, which has won many awards for its designs for the RAVAK brand.

Technical details

  • Dimensions: 100 cm
  • Type: A reversible product (L/R)
  • Colour: B SET (hinges, handles, grips) in chrome finish
  • Safety glass panelling: 6/8 mm; Transparent

The screen consists of one fixed and one movable part, which can be moved to the exterior space outside of the bathtub. Top-quality chrome-plated metal hinges and hardened glass (fixed part: 8 mm, movable part: 6 mm) guarantee quality and a lightweight design. The screen can be installed on rectangular bathtubs (Classic, Sonata, Campanula II, Vanda II and Lilia) or any classic rectangular bathtub with a straight top edge. The standard height of the screen is 1500 mm. The bathtub screen contains: The glass section in a single package. The second part of the package (B SET) contains metal parts. It is necessary to order both parts of the product separately (glass panels + B SET).

2-year WarrantyAntiCalc Glass ProtectionRise Hinge MechanismB SET – 30-year Lifespan Test
BVS2 bathtub screen