BeHappy bathtub

BeHappy asymmetric bathtub

The most space-saving concept for comfortable bathing and showering in combination with an accurately fitting three-part screen. Together with a washbasin located above the bathtub in the leg area, BeHappy represents everything that a small bathroom needs. The three-part folding screen enables comfortable showering in a standing position. That fact that the BeHappy bathtub saves space does not mean that it cannot be comfortable for bathing. It is sufficiently wide in the area of the whole body for comfortable bathing even with its small dimensions.


Bathing and showering in one

If you lack the space for both a shower enclosure and a bathtub in your bathroom, choose an asymmetric bathtub. You will obtain a large bathing area compared to the area a bathtub would occupy.

What is an asymmetric bathtub?
Asymmetric bathtubs are designed to be placed in a corner but do not have the same length and width as a corner bathtub; as such, they are something between a corner and rectangular bathtub. The dimensions of asymmetric bathtubs start at 75 cm in width and 140 cm in length and are therefore suitable for small and medium-sized bathrooms. On the other hand, the LoveStory II bathtub with dimensions of 196 x 139 cm will be appreciated by taller individuals and customers with larger bathrooms.

Asymmetric bathtubs

Surprisingly spacious

In the bathtub itself you are actually lying at an angle, so you can utilise a greater length than the actual length of the bathtub along the wall, giving you greater comfort.

Asymmetric bathtubs

A variety of shapes

Asymmetric bathtubs come in a wide variety of shapes, from the well-known to the hot new design from Czech designer Kryštof Nosál, who rotated a traditional bathtub by a mere 10° to create an asymmetric bathtub with all of its advantages.

Asymmetric bathtubs


The name and proper shape of asymmetric bathtubs started with RAVAK. RAVAK asymmetric bathtubs are practically designed for bathing and showering to meet the actual needs of customers.

Technical details

  • Dimensions: 150/ 160/ 170 x 75 cm
  • Material: Cast acrylic
  • Reinforcement: LA – fibreglass
  • Capacity: 185, 200, 215 litres
  • Design: Left-handed and right-handed (L/R)
  • Bathtub screen: VS3
  • Hydromassage system: No
  • H2O Color chromotherapy: No
  • Accessories: Front panel, bathtub drainage set, headrest

You can buy a bathtub drainage set with a ClickClack overflow drain and practical accessories with the BeHappy bathtub – a headrest and a front panel. If you add an SV3 bathtub screen, you can convert the bathtub into a shower enclosure. The bathtub is reinforced by fibreglass (LA).

BeHappy bathtub

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
C121000000 1500 x 750 Bathtub BeHappy 150 x 75 L
C151000000 Bathtub BeHappy 150 x 75 R
C131000000 1600 x 750 Bathtub BeHappy 160 x 75 L
C161000000 Bathtub BeHappy 160 x 75 R
C141000000 1700 x 750 Bathtub BeHappy 170 x 75 L
C171000000 Bathtub BeHappy 170 x 75 R
CY12000000 Support BeHappy
CZ12100A00 Front panel A BeHappy L 150 cm
CZ15100A00 Front panel A BeHappy R 150 cm
CZ13100A00 Front panel A BeHappy L 160 cm
CZ16100A00 Front panel A BeHappy R 160 cm
CZ14100A00 Front panel A BeHappy L 170 cm
CZ17100A00 Front panel A BeHappy R 170 cm
B23000100N Panelkit BeHappy
B612000001 Headrest BeHappy white
B61200000Z Headrest BeHappy green
B61200000O Headrest BeHappy grey
795P010041 VS3 100 white+rain
795P0100Z1 VS3 100 white+transparent
795P0U0041 VS3 100 satin+rain
76P80100Z1 VS3 100 satin+transparent
795S010041 VS3 115 white+rain
795S0100Z1 VS3 115 white+transparent
795S0U0041 VS3 115 satin+rain
795S0U00Z1 VS3 115 satin+transparent
795V010041 VS3 130 white+rain
795V0100Z1 VS3 130 white+transparent
795V0100ZG VS3 130 white+grape
795V0U00ZG VS3 130 satin+rain
795V0100Z1 VS3 130 satin+transparent
B120000001 VS3 130 satin+grape
X01374 ClickClack overflow filling
X01377 Bathtub waste set with ClickClack overflow