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Bathrooms with bathtubs

A bathroom refurbishment is usually a long-term or life decision. When choosing a bathroom, it is therefore important to take into account not only the size, practicality and value of the bathtub, but also its quality and design. When furnishing a smaller bathroom, you may be inspired by RAVAK concepts, which consist of a bathtub and washbasin, as well as bathtub screens and furniture in some cases. All the components have a matching design.

The best concepts for small bathrooms are Rosa, BeHappy, Avocado and Classic. The Rosa concept suits a small bathroom extremely well, even if it's not immediately obvious when you look at the size of the bathtub. The BeHappy concept offers the most efficient use of space in a small bathroom. With the Avocado concept, even the smallest bathroom doesn't feel small. The Classic concept brings a timeless design to your bathroom. All four concepts provide optimum solutions for small bathroom spaces so that you can fit a bathtub, as well as everything you need, such as a washing machine.