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B SET BSDPS 120 L/R for BSDPS enclosures

The set of hinges, grips, a handle and brackets of a sophisticated design emphasizes the minimalistic appearance of the Brilliant BSDPS shower enclosures in the dimensions of 120 x 90 in either left-handed (L) or right-handed (R) version. The flat rectangular shape of metal elements distinguishes Brilliant shower enclosures from all the others on the market. The combination of massive metal elements and high-quality chrome plating ensures the highest possible quality of all metal elements. This enables us to guarantee a very long product life – tests confirmed a 30-year life span.


The complete products of Brilliant and Walk-In series consist of two separate items!

It is necessary to purchase separately glass panels of a shower enclosure, a shower door or a fixed wall of the Brilliant series, as well as the metal parts, the so-called B SET. B SET includes grips, hinges, a handle, an installation kit and, for selected sets, also Brilliant brackets. The short or long glass bracket can be purchased separately for smaller dimensions of the shower enclosures.

To purchase a complete product of Walk-In series, you need to purchase Walk-In fixed glass walls in one package, as well as metal struts to ensure the stability of the whole enclosure in the second package, the so-called W SET. W SET contains metal struts and supports.

Other design options, not just Walk-In products, can be ordered via the on-line configurator of customized solutions -, where you choose the desired design (type, width, height).

Technical details

The set of metal parts for BSDPS corner shower enclosures in the dimensions of 120 x 90 in either left-handed (L) or right-handed (R) version.
SET includes:

  • massive glass grips - 4 pcs
  • door hinges - 2 pcs
  • handle - 1 pc
  • long bracket - 2 pcs
  • installation kit

The hinges are recessed into the glass from the inside of the shower enclosure and thus, in a revolutionary way, make the maintenance of the enclosure much easier. Lifting mechanism ensures that the door is automatically closed and lifted above the threshold bar when both opening and closing. Pure metal and massive design of the ergonomic handle emphasize the majestic look of the entire shower enclosure. Long glass brackets ensure maximum product stability.

B SET – 30-year Lifespan Test

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
D01000A082 B SET BSDPS-L 120 chrom
D01000A081 B SET BSDPS-P 120 chrom