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Acrylic shower trays

Acrylic shower trays are made out of composite material PMMA + ABS. They have an antibacterial property called Antibac®, which is applied during the manufacturing process. Antibac® is a special method of protecting the shower trays from growth and spread of certain species of bacteria and yeast.

Acrylic shower trays come in various shapes and designs – flat, comfortably deep or extra deep (mini-bathtubs). Deeper acrylic shower trays can be found in the Kaskada range and extra flat acrylic shower trays in the Galaxy range. Each range of shower trays includes particular types of trays with their own specific reinforcement and method of installation.


Each year, RAVAK produces more than 100,000 acrylic shower trays in the Kaskada range. These attractively priced deeper trays have deserved their place among the bestselling trays in Europe. They are divided into three types – LA, EX, PU.



The Galaxy acrylic trays are extra flat and simply beautiful. Their modern and elegant design enhances the appearance of any shower enclosure. They are divided into four types – LA, EX, PAN, PP.


Deep-seated shower trays (mini-bathtubs)

Do you want your children to enjoy daily bathing, even though your bathroom is too small for a bathtub? Would you like to sit while showering? Then purchase an deep acrylic shower tray (also called a mini-bathtub) that combines the advantages and benefits of bathtubs and shower enclosures.
Deep-seated shower trays – mini-bathtubs – with a depth of 27 cm are universal and space-saving products. The total height of the Sabina deep-seated shower trays is 42 cm. Therefore it is convenient to combine these trays with special "short" shower enclosures of the Supernova range. Mini-bathtubs are divided into three types – LA, LA+BASE, LA+BASE+SET.

Deep seating shower trays (mini-bathtubs)