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The Freestanding Bathtub Ypsilon, Now with a Red Dot

One of the recipients of this year’s Red Dot Design Award, the most prestigious European product design prize, is the Czech bathroom brand RAVAK. The Red Dot was awarded to the Ypsilon, an acrylic freestanding bathtub designed by Kryštof Nosál.

The Freestanding Bathtub Ypsilon, Now with a Red Dot

It was named Ypsilon because of its silhouette, which looks like the letter Y with its gentle curves. The designer has softened the usual regularity and sharp symmetry with a sensitive concept of external lines with a romantic touch. With its uncomplicated shape, it has a contemporary, modern design, but at the same time provides a new dimension of comfort.

For the shoulder area, the new RAVAK bath expands gently to the sides, encouraging you to place your arms comfortably, open your chest, and relax your neck and head. The comfort of lying in the Ypsilon bathtub, combined with the effect of the warm water, gives your body a unique feeling of freedom.

The freestanding bathtub Ypsilon is designed for bathrooms looking for a natural centrepiece. Its discreet silhouette softens the usual sharply geometric nature of other bathroom furnishings and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Ypsilon bathtub, acrylic, dimensions 180 × 80 cm.

In response to positive feedback from customers, RAVAK is launching a new version: the back-to-wall Ypsilon Wall in which the longer side can be used as a storage area.

The Freestanding Bathtub Ypsilon, Now with a Red Dot