A modern bathtub in the collections of the Moravian Gallery?!

At the end of 2021, the Museum of Applied Arts in Brno introduced a new concept called ART DESIGN FASHION, mapping the best of contemporary Czech design. One of the exhibits on display in the permanent exhibition is a RAVAK bathtub from the 10° concept.

A modern bathtub in the collections of the Moravian Gallery?!

Moderní vana ve sbírkách Moravské galerie?!Would you not expect a contemporary bathroom fitting in a museum collection? Visit the newly renovated building on Husova Street in Brno and you will see much more. In addition to the asymmetrical bathtub designed for RAVAK by Kryštof Nosál in 2015, you will also find, under the Design 2000+ brand, iconic works from the retrospective exhibitions of Maxim Velčovský and the Olgoj Chorchoj Studio, as well as products from leading Czech companies, members of the Association of Czech Industrial Design (AČPD) that collaborate with local designers.

AČPD, of which RAVAK has been a member since its establishment in 2020, aims to support and promote design not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. “We want to make it clear that Czech industrial design, together with technological innovations, has the potential to move our economy towards the developed world,” adds Martin Wichterle, the chairman of the association.

The 10° acrylic bathtub on display at the Museum of Applied Arts in Brno forms the core of the eponymous concept of products built around the idea of rotation or tilting by 10°. The rotation adds new aesthetic and practical value to the bathtub, which has won awards in a number of international design competitions.

The building of the Museum of Applied Arts has undergone a comprehensive reconstruction, reflecting the inventiveness of leading names in Czech design. The relaxation premises were conceived by David Karásek; the new footbridges designed by the Olgoj Chorchoj studio provide an excellent view of the interiors and expositions; the Demon of Growth by Krištof Kintera, on the other hand, represents a significant intervention into the museum space. The visit may be concluded in the pleasant Designshop, the interior of which was created by Eva Eisler.

Until the end of February 2023, the Museum of Applied Arts will also host a show of Jiří Pelclo’s work and an exhibition of works by Lucie Koldová: LIGHTNESS.