STEP Furniture – The First Step to a Tidy Bathroom

STEP Furniture – The First Step to a Tidy BathroomHow many things are there in your bathroom that you need to touch and use every day? There are certainly dozens of them. But where are you to put them all, especially if they don’t exactly match or combine with the design of your bathroom? The Step bathroom furniture set builds on the popularity of countertop washbasins and provides hidden storage spaces for keeping them. A bathroom featuring the Step line of furniture provides modern design, without the usual clutter.

The set, designed by Kryštof Nosál, includes a vanity unit with a width of 100 cm, suitable for countertop washbasins up to 60 cm wide. It is complemented by a mirrored cabinet with well-thought-out details and a tall side cabinet. The whole set is characterized by overlaying panels on the cabinet doors and the delicate lines of white lacquered bodies. The overall look of the furniture set can be adapted to the specific style of your bathroom. The white lacquered version evokes a clean and futuristic atmosphere, while the wooden veneer on the door (oak/walnut) gives the bathroom a natural feel and combines well with other natural materials. Inside, the cabinets have a dark grey matt finish that emphasises the premium feel of the entire set.

The mirrored cabinet follows the width of the vanity unit under the washbasin and is a perfect combination of aesthetics and practicality. The LED lighting at the top will illuminate the face pleasantly, the internal shelves can store a large number of small items and the mirrored surfaces on both sides of the cabinet provide a perfect view from all necessary angles.

The tall side column includes four glass shelves and makes everyday use extremely pleasant, thanks to its quiet hinges with a lifetime guarantee.

STEP Furniture – The First Step to a Tidy Bathroom