Thermostatic shower column – get the best out of your shower

Thermostatic shower column – get the best out of your showerSometimes you feel like taking a longer relaxing shower, doing nothing, just enjoying the flow of water falling gently on your shoulders and hair. But sometimes it is necessary to take matters into your own hands, wash quickly and get going The RAVAK thermostatic shower column with a head and hand shower is an ideal solution in such a situation.

Shower columns or dual shower systems form a relatively large category on the market. It is important to understand what exactly the market offers and choose the best solutions for your needs. Shower columns usually consist of a shower rod, a head and hand shower and a faucet. All shower columns are developed according to these criteria, but they can also differ significantly in their quality and user-friendliness.

What can you expect from your shower column?Thermostatic shower column – get the best out of your shower

Monitor the water temperature using a thermostatic faucet. When shopping for a shower column, definitely give preference to those with a thermostatic faucet. These are now standard equipment in modern bathrooms; they mix hot and cold water instantly so that it flows as warm as you set it and, most importantly, this prevents unwanted temperature changes and the risk of scalding.

Move both vertically and horizontally, even when wall-mounted. RAVAK shower columns are among the few products on the market that allow the height to be adjusted even when mounted on the wall. You do not need to make a final decision when installing your shower enclosure, and can change the height any time you take a shower. The shower head can be positioned ideally for a tall person, a smaller person or a child. The height can be adjusted between 91 and 131 cm from the faucet. With RAVAK shower columns, the shower head can also turn sideways.

Adjust the height of the hand shower adaptor with one hand. Would you like to take a quick shower using a hand shower and avoid struggling with equipment that is hard to manipulate? Choose the RAVAK shower column, with a slider which can be operated with one hand, unlike in many competing products. You do not need to use both hands to adjust the height of the hand shower or uncomfortably loosen and tighten the wet slider. Just press a button and position the hand shower at the desired height. Adjust the position to your height, and the hand shower will be most helpful when showering your body from the shoulders down.

Guarantee long life. SShower columns with thermostatic faucets represent a comprehensive device in which you invest only once in a while. Choose products for which the manufacturer provides you with the longest possible guarantee, ideally five years.