RAVAK Guarantees Quality

RAVAK Guarantees Quality

As the last year of the third decade of its existence approaches, RAVAK is introducing extra-extended quality guarantees for its product portfolio. Thanks to the fact that it runs its own production processes and technologies, which have a largely local character, RAVAK has full control of the entire production process, and so customers can really rely on the quality of its production.

A ten-year warranty on all RAVAK baths is guaranteed if the buyer uses original RAVAK supports (legs) for the given type of bath in accordance with the assembly manual.

Customers are also offered a full ten-year guarantee on the superb AntiBlock sliding door closing and opening system, embedded into the Supernova shower enclosures. The AntiBlock system ensures trouble-free and quiet door movement and RAVAK tests it for a minimum service life of 1,000,000 opening cycles. All our shower enclosures and doors are covered by an extra five-year guarantee. The floor solution inside the shower enclosures offers a five-year guarantee on shower trays made of cast marble, and a 25-year guarantee on stainless shower drains.

All washbasins, regardless of the material, i.e. ceramic, cast marble and also the “slim” design, have a five-year guarantee. The same period applies to bathroom furniture – RAVAK even provides a lifetime warranty on metal runners.

Faucets are one of the most intensively used components in bathrooms and kitchens. Nevertheless, RAVAK is so confident of the quality of its products that it provides a five-year guarantee (except for Suzan series faucets).

A ten-year warranty also applies to toilets, bidets and modules embedded into walls.

Thanks to a rich product range and smart designs, we offer solutions for the entire bathroom, including professional guidance and servicing. Our products are customer-oriented in all respects and provide first-class quality and all certifications, thanks to which we can also offer extended guarantee periods.