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Comfort bathroom furniture

Focused on detail

Bathroom furniture from the Comfort series designed by Michal Roszkowski combines the unmatched qualities of a ceramic washbasin with a modern take on storage cabinets. The series is also highly flexible, allowing it to meet the individual needs of your bathroom – there are cabinets with inset washbasins, as well as cabinets with tables of various widths suitable for counter top washbasins.

The unifying element of the series is the semi-recessed metal handle, the design of which is unique on the market. “It’s a clear yet unobtrusive detail that enriches the visual language of the whole series,” explains the designer Michal Roszkowski. In addition to its aesthetic qualities, the handle makes everyday use more convenient.

Koupelnový nábytek Comfort
The Comfort range consists of two main product lines. The first is cabinet with an inset ceramic washbasin in two popular widths (60 and 80 cm), which offers a large storage space, easily accessible through fully extensible soft-close drawers. The inset ceramic washbasin has slim edges, resulting in a very lightweight look. A significant cutout makes the internal space as large as possible. Where needed, the slim edge becomes a wider surface for placing bathroom cosmetics.

The second group of Comfort products is cabinets designed for countertop washbasins. The combination of a table (60, 80 and 120 cm), a cabinet and a ceramic washbasin with another optional cabinet under the table can result in a wide range of solutions. The main benefit is the ability to store things invisibly in drawers while providing a free surface around the washbasin, plus the option of installing a metal towel holder. You can pick any ceramic countertop washbasin that matches your taste (e.g. Uni or Uni Slim). The set is completed with a slim 160 cm cabinet with a hinged door and six shelves (offered by RAVAK in two depths).

All the bathroom cabinets from the Comfort series feature in-depth impregnation to ensure perfect water resistance.