Thin-walled ceramics are the pride of RAVAK washbasins

Date: 10.6.2020

Thin-walled ceramics are the pride of RAVAK washbasinsNot even bathrooms can escape the trend of slimming. Slim ceramics are just as strong and durable as the traditional version, but can be used to create delicate and fine edges and high-precision shapes, providing an interesting challenge to original design. They largely consist of natural raw materials, the most important of which is the addition of corundum. This second-hardest mineral in the world gives thin-walled washbasins a hardness that contrasts with their ethereal appearance. Thanks to lower material consumption, slim washbasins are lighter than their traditional counterparts.

The Czech RAVAK brand uses thin-walled ceramics in tabletop washbasins in the Ceramic Slim and Uni Slim ranges, both in smaller variants that can easily be installed in pairs side by side and in traditional dimensions of up to 55 cm in length. The design caters to both romantics and purists. With every option, you can now also buy a drain with a white ceramic cover for the waste pipe for an elegant look.

Thin-walled ceramics are the pride of RAVAK washbasins