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Uni Slim ceramic washbasins

The new Uni Slim washbasins combine all the advantages of modern washbasins. They follow the latest design trend; placing them on a table gives the owner maximum freedom to finish planning the bathroom, while their thin-walled design gives them subtle beauty combined with the integrity of traditional ceramic material. The Uni Slim washbasins are available in four shape variants, all of which follow the rules of a classic timeless aesthetic. The round shape with a diameter of 40 cm can have a modern flat bottom (Uni Slim) or a rounded bowl (Uni B Slim). Its proven size and depth also make it possible to combine two on a table for a larger family. The shape of the Uni S Slim washbasin was inspired by a square, but with its sharp edges rounded. The rectangle of the Uni R Slim washbasin offers a comfortable width and its curved shape keeps all the water inside so that the surroundings remain dry.