Most popular RAVAK products

A new year is always an opportunity to look back. Even in bathroom equipment, there are some products that turn out to be absolute winners among our customers.
Which were these?

Most popular RAVAK products - Solo, the bathtub that conquered the worldSolo – the bathtub that conquered the world

In bathtubs, 2019 was clearly the year of the Solo. This beautiful free-standing piece enchanted not only the jury of the EDIDA contest and Designblok trade fair, but also international experts and designers in the Red Dot, iF Design Award and Good Design competitions. The key to its success is the pure and elegant design by Kryštof Nosál. The acrylic bathtub combines two basic shapes: a rectangular base provides visual anchoring, while the oval upper part creates a harmonising impression. With the Solo, we also offer a matching tabletop washbasin.


Most popular RAVAK products - Walk-In, a shower tailored for youWalk-In – a shower tailored for you

Is there anything better than a custom-planned shower that exactly meets the needs of your bathroom? That’s why the Walk-In shower enclosures proved to be so popular last year. As their name suggests, they are placed directly on the floor, making them wheelchair-accessible. The enclosure construction only consists of one or two walls made of safety glass and the corresponding number of braces (including in the increasingly popular black option). The model solutions are 200 cm tall and can be up to 160 cm wide; each model solution offers a different design for the entrance (from one or both sides). More and more customers appreciate our truly individual approach and the option of various cut-outs, adjustable angles and glass cut to millimetre precision.


Most popular RAVAK products - Tabletop washbasins and thin-walled ceramics, a trend that’s here to stayTabletop washbasins and thin-walled ceramics – a trend that’s here to stay

Tabletop solutions are the most popular category of RAVAK washbasins. There is a renewed interest in ceramic washbasins, particularly in their unmatched “slim” versions. In the RAVAK portfolio, the leading washbasins are Ceramic and Uni. Their simple rounded shapes and delicate forms visually refresh your bathroom space, do not feel too optically heavy and can guarantee years of satisfaction.


Most popular RAVAK products - Toilets, ideally matched with the bathroomToilets – ideally matched with the bathroom

A bathroom combined with a toilet has its pros and cons, but it can certainly look great. Owners of bathrooms like this appreciate when the toilet matches the design of the entire room. In the RAVAK portfolio, this means, for example, the Chrome or Classic models, which we offer in the technically advanced RimOff versions and whose design matches the corresponding bathroom range perfectly.


Most popular RAVAK products - A thermostatic tap and shower column in one, for a quick shower as well as for long relaxationA thermostatic tap and shower column in one – for a quick shower as well as for long relaxation

Sometimes you just need to take a quick shower and run, sometimes you have the time to relax in the water spray. A shower column with a thermostatic tap can do both – and that’s why it’s among the most popular products in our tap range. The RAVAK shower column has a shower head on top which can be adjusted up and down as well as sideways. RAVAK shower columns also make it easy to adjust the hand shower with just one hand. Thanks to the thermostatic tap, you can be sure that your relaxation won’t turn into an ice shock when someone else turns on a tap in your home. The tap will reliably ensure a constant water temperature for the entire duration of your shower and is particularly useful for families with small children who are at risk of scalding.