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WC Classic RimOff

With technology that keeps the toilet bowl really clean and in design ideally suited to the Classic concept. The Classic RimOff toilet bowl completely lacks the flushing rim, eliminating the risk of dirt deposition. Without the flushing rim inside the toilet bowl, there are no inaccessible places, the bowl is perfectly smooth, clear and dirt has no place to hide. The special construction of the toilet bowl allows precise washing with only a stream of water without the need for additional cleaning. The Classic Rim Off toilet design is adapted to the style of the concept with the same name which includes several baths, washbasins, water taps, and bathroom furniture. You can therefore have a bathroom with toilet in matching design. The Classic RimOff toilet is interesting due to its easy-to-install click system. The toilet is just clicked on the pins in the wall, which hold it safely, and then tightened up, which no longer requires simultaneous support of the heavy massive piece of ceramics.