EDIDA award for 10° bathroom concept by designer Kryštof Nosál

Cena EDIDA pro koupelnový koncept 10° designera Kryštofa Nosála   Prestigious prize awarded at the Elle Decoration Design Award went to Kryštof Nosál for the Bathroom category in the Czech national round, thus nominating him for the international finals during Milan Design Week in Italy. Al the winners were voted for the twelfth time by panels comprising editors in chief of all the twenty-five national publications of Elle Decoration issued all around the world.

   Tereza Provazníková, Editor-in-chief of ELLE Decoration says: "EDIDA awards give us the opportunity to draw attention to high-quality design and its creators. The Czech design community is growing and succeeding more and more often on a global scale. We are delighted to see the first-class products made according to local designs and marketed by Czech companies."

Cena EDIDA pro koupelnový koncept 10° designera Kryštofa Nosála   The original 10°(ten degrees) bathroom range was introduced by RAVAK at the Prague Designblok in October 2014. "Back then I was developing a concept for ordinary bathrooms, based on a symmetrical bathtub. All of them looked somehow over-shaped to me, so I took a classical popular rectangular tub and rotated it by 10°. The result was an asymmetrical bathtub, suddenly providing space for a seat or a shelf, and I continued like that with washbasins and other equipment. I always try to achieve maximum effect using the simplest means. Simplification and elimination of everything unnecessary leads to a product we can perceive more intensely," explains Kryštof Nosál.

    "We base our approach on the conviction that our customers do not want to live in private galleries, full of beautiful and impractical objects, but at the same time they are ever more demanding when it comes to design and trends. That is why we like cooperation with Kryštof; he is able to give even the commonest objects like washbasins or bathtubs a strong concept, original style and at the same time, improved functionality," concludes Jan Hudák, Marketing Manager.

Cena EDIDA pro koupelnový koncept 10° designera Kryštofa Nosála    Kryštof Nosál, founder of Nosal Design studio, has been working for the RAVAK brand since 2006. He specialises in product design, pursuing the concept of minimalist solutions with a clear focus. He has used his invention on the most popular RAVAK products, he is co-creator of the Washman washing machine for men, for which he was awarded second prize in the Electrolux Design Lab competition in New York, his tools for the Narex brand won the "Excellent product of the year" award, and the same applies to the Evolution bathtub for RAVAK. Kryštof is regularly nominated for the Czech Grand Design awards for his RAVAK creations.