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Espirit Faucet. Water tamed by design.

The Czech manufacturer presents a new collection of faucets characterised by a balanced combination of utilitarian shapes, timeless elegance and five striking colours.

Espirit Faucet. Water tamed by design. RAVAK

The design of the Espirit faucets links to the unrivalled shape of the faucets by the Danish designer Arne Jacobsen, which have been on the market for over 50 years and have represented a challenge to designers from all over the world. The millimetre-by-millimetre proportions of the circular and cylindrical shapes of the Espirit faucets make a whole, stripped of all the essentials and unsurpassed in its elemental beauty and functionality.

The Espirit collection includes finishes in five colours, namely Black Matt, Graphite Brushed, White Velvet, Rose Gold Brushed and Chrome. In addition to matt black, there is now a brushed graphite grey finish, rose gold, the popular gloss chrome and a brand new matt white finish.

Espirit Faucet. Water tamed by design. RAVAK

White Velvet Is the New White. The White Velvet surface is at the forefront of the white bathroom accessories trend. The velvety surface is pleasant to the touch and represents a journey in bathroom design that doesn't end at the first corner. The matt finish is subtly elegant, does not draw attention to itself and, in combination with the white sanitary ware, creates a uniform, timeless whole. The matt white surface of the faucets also has practical advantages, as it hides the white residue of dried water droplets.

The Espirit collection includes a comprehensive portfolio of faucets and technical accessories for the entire bathroom, such as washbasins, baths, showers, basins, bidets and thermostats.

With its new faucet set, RAVAK is also introducing a new collaboration. The design of the Espirit series was created with traditional Italian manufacturing in order to maintain and develop original European production.

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