10° 10DP2 shower door

10° Shower Door 10DP2

Ideal for making use of a niche in the bathroom. Can screen off an area of up to 120 cm in width. The high-quality sliding system ensures your enclosure door does not take up even a centimetre of space in your bathroom. The fresh design of the enclosure matches the aesthetic impression of the entire 10° bathroom concept.

Series 10°

Sliding shower enclosures matching the style of the concept of the same name. The 10° concept covers products for the entire bathroom. Wide range of variants from asymmetrical floor plan through square to rectangle, to shower doors; all will find use in any modern interior.

10° shower enclosures and shower doors

Practical Asymmetry with New Benefits

Compared to the well-known quadrant solutions, the asymmetrical rectangle brings a more modern look and additional new benefits. The more subtle corner from the outside makes movement around the enclosure much easier, while providing the comfort of a large rectangular enclosure on the inside. What is more, it offers new storage areas for cosmetics outside of the shower tray's stepping zone.

10° shower enclosures and shower doors

Harmonious Design

The 10° shower enclosure matches aesthetically the line of 10° bathroom equipment, ranging from baths with bath screens, to washbasins, cabinets, water taps and bathroom extras. All with the simple yet ingenious theme of rotation or tilt by 10° that brings new comfort and user-friendliness.

10° shower enclosures and shower doors

Tried and Tested Solution

10° shower enclosures utilise tried and tested technologies that guarantee them silent and reliable running for many years. The door sliding system saves space in the bathroom, the door pieces do not cross or jam and their tipping system ensures that every spot is accessible.

Technical details

  • dimensions: 100, 110, 120 cm
  • type design: turnable product (L/R)
  • colour design: frame - white, glossy Alubright, Satin; handles in chrome design
  • safety glass panelling: 6 mm; Transparent
  • product height: 190 cm
  • warranty: 5 years

The product consists of a single fixed piece and a single sliding piece which serves as a door. Installed into a tiled corner of the bathroom (ideally into a walled niche or in combination with fixed panel 10PS) on shower trays RAVAK Perseus Pro 10°, Perseus Pro Chrome, Perseus Pro Flat, Perseus Pro, Perseus, Angela, Gigant Pro 10°, Gigant Pro Chrome, Gigant Pro Flat, Gigant Pro or Gigant or directly onto the floor with a built-in shower channel or drain. Creates a U-shaped shower enclosure when combined with two fixed panels of type 10PS. The product can be widened by 20 mm by using extension profile BLNPS.

Before installing the product, pay attention to the technical documents under the “Download” tab; the figure in the name of a particular product does not indicate its exact dimensions.

5-year Warranty6 mm Glass ThicknessAntiCalc Glass ProtectionConceptsTilting GlassL/R Variant 180°
10° 10DP2 shower door

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
0ZVA0C00Z1 982-1022 x 1900
Entry 416 mm
Shower door 10DP2-100 bright alu+Transparent
0ZVA0U00Z1 Shower door 10DP2-100 satin+Transparent
0ZVA0100Z1 Shower door 10DP2-100 white+Transparent
0ZVD0C00Z1 1082-1122 x 1900
Entry 466 mm
Shower door 10DP2-110 bright alu+Transparent
0ZVD0U00Z1 Shower door 10DP2-110 satin+Transparent
0ZVD0100Z1 Shower door 10DP2-110 white+Transparent
0ZVG0C00Z1 1182-1222 x 1900
Entry 516 mm
Shower door 10DP2-120 bright alu+Transparent
0ZVG0U00Z1 Shower door 10DP2-120 satin+Transparent
0ZVG0100Z1 Shower door 10DP2-120 white+Transparent

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