LoveStory II Bathtub

LoveStory II acrylic asymmetric bathtub

  • in the dimensions of 196 x 113,5 - 139 cm
  • L/R hand option
  • also available in the PU Plus version

Unlike other bathtubs, the LoveStory bathtub enables you to indulge in a bath with your partner and enjoy your mutual closeness. It comes in the dimensions of 196 x 139 cm in both left and right hand options and therefore it can be more practically placed into the bathroom than a traditional corner bathtub. The bathtub is also available in the reinforced PU Plus version, which features excellent thermo insulating qualities, holds water warmer much longer and provides perfect relaxation.

You can complement the LoveStory II bathtub with a bathtub or built-in water tap, bathroom furniture and other RAVAK products.

Chromotherapy  The bathtub can be fitted with the Chromotherapy H2O Color

Order number Dimensions Description
C751000000 1960 x 1135 - 1390 LoveStory II bathtub L snowwhite
C761000000 LoveStory II bathtub R snowwhite
C771000000 LoveStory II bathtub PU Plus L snowwhite
C781000000 LoveStory II bathtub PU Plus R snowwhite
CY70000000 support LoveStory II
CZ75100A00 Panel A LoveStory II L snowwhite
SIČLSIIPKIT Panelkit LoveStory II

Product Installation Instructions 3D Models Certificate Declaration of performance
Rosa I new
Rosa II PU Plus video
Rosa 95
LoveStory II

Optional accessories